Zack Snyder is a visionary director who has garnered an incredibly devoted following of fans. Netflix recognized this and wisely partnered with Snyder to produce a thrilling franchise of zombie films, starting with Army of the Dead. To launch Snyder's debut on the streaming platform, our mission was crystal clear: we needed to engage his passionate fanbase. But we didn't just want to entertain them - we wanted to create an immersive and interactive experience that would truly captivate them.

Netflix dropped the "NFT of the Dead" - the world's first Hollywood film scene as an NFT, showcasing a never-before-seen deleted scene directed by Zack Snyder as crypto art. Fans had to quickly crack the safe by listening for the clicking of the four locks, just like Dieter did in the movie. Matthias Schweighöfer even made a cameo to promote our campaign. Additionally, we created an interactive mural in Germany's biggest cities, inspired by the film's casino theme. 


Despite its short duration, our game managed to attract over 50,000 players who spent a total of 200 days with the experience. We also received recognition in the form of an Awwward Site of the Day and FWA Site of the Day for the website.


Agency: Agentur XY GmbH

ECD: Michael Kittel

Designer / Art Director: Maarten Dijk

Project Manager: Fabian Ruhe

Game Development: MEDIAMONKS Amsterdam

Video: CHUNK Filmproduktion GmbH