Designing for Post-IC.

The diary of tomorrow.

Post-IC essential for processing Post Intensive Care Disorder. The app and branding will be used in the most difficult time of the user. That's why we aim to create a consistent, sober, and optimistic brand. Where the brand colors are supporting. Not leading. Where we communicate clear, to the point, and without hesitation. Where we take time to explain.

This documents gives an insight in the branding elements of Post-IC. Use them, follow them, play with them. And don't hesitate to ask, when questions pop up.

Orange, cream & black:
Color usage.

The brand color of Post-IC is orange, mixed with an off-white. If we need to use black, we use the deep black recommended by the printer. Below you find the color values for print and web.

CMYK Orange
0 / 40 / 60 / 0
Pantone Orange

RGB Orange
255 / 170 / 110

CMYK Cream
0 / 3 / 5 / 0
(if printing on natural paper,
use paper white)

RGB Cream
255 / 253 / 249

One swallow does not
make a summer.
The Post-IC logo.

Our logo is a swallow, combined with the Redaction brand font. You can download the logo here.

When possible, use it together. If you need an icon, use the bird.


Het dagboek voor morgen.
Logo with Dutch tagline.

We're writing this website for future usage. But for now, we're just Dutch. Therefore: download the logo with Dutch tagline here.


Lorem ipsum dolor.

Headlines are written in Redaction, recognisable by it's interesting indents in the characters. Redaction knows three font styles: Bold, Regular and Italic. We mix and match these every single headline, to put emphasis and emotion on separate words or phrases. For headlines we use a tight line space. For example: font size 30,
line space 33 (110%). Download here.


Body text
Body text is written in National. A very legible and clear font, suited for our brand. Online we use two font styles: Regular and Bold. In print we also add light. Mixing these styles can create a nice hierarchy in the copy. For long copy we use a loose line space. For example: font size 18, line space 27 (150%). Download here.

Hello. –Hello!
Logo style elements.

We totally encourage using the logo or the shape of the logo in a creative way. A small but perfect example of this, are the chat bubbles in-app. They're modelled after the swallow's wing.


Proof of design:
The Archive

To inspire, and to insure that changes can be made easily, below you will find both the closed and open files of all the assets that have been created in the early phase of the brand. Please, contact me if updates are needed.